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What is Udbara

Udbara is the first machine learning powered personal healthcare record that is user centered and patient controlled. It provides you with a unique way to store and manage all health data and healthcare records for you and your family for free!

Udbara is powered by a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze the reports you scan with our smart phone app. It offers you a creative way to view, search, and share your medical records

Udbara is your trusted way to get an expert medical opinion whenever you needed by some of the top ranked physicians in the United States and around the world. Whether you are concerned about a simple rash, an embarrassing health question, or it is a very serious diagnosis you are concerned about, Udbara is your tool for the best expert medical opinion.

All this great technology is in your pocket and at the tip of your finger!

How it works

Scan the medical records with your phone.

Second opinion tele-consultations


Choose the specialty you want and the language you prefer to speak with.


You can also choose the geographical location of the specialist.


Select the physician you would like to consult with.


You can also place a consultation with the next available provider for a much quicker response.


Connect with our expert consultant.

Our technology

First to market

ML Powered

Unique design


Cloud based

Our services

Mobile based

On demand

Two way sharing

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Our team


Abdulrahman Chahin

Cofounder – Acting CTO

Physician, programmer, hardware expert, with Master’s in health informatics and experience in health tech solution development and consulting.


Abdullah Chahin

Cofounder - CEO

Triple boarded physician with a Masters in Data Science and an experience in, big data in medicine, user interface design, and machine learning applications in healthcare.




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